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yoga mystics : yoga class in the field at Dodgers Stadium.

yoga mystics : The full Blaze of noon sun shone at Dodger Stadium, heat yoga waves and danced on the infield dirt. But the Dodgers were not prepared for the field. In fact, the only Dodger Andre Ethier was present, and he was sprawled on a yoga mat in Pigeon represent. All around him, about 100 yoga fans were similarly twisted - under 100 U.S. dollars paid for a pop for the privilege.

In the brave new world of sports marketing, it is not always enough to sell the game cards or expensive trips to spring training. With sales and corporate sponsorship are shrinking, while professional sports teams are trading on the celebrity seal of the player, the sale of wealthy fans the opportunity to lunch, fish, cruise or even yoga with their idols.

Some of the activities, such as a recent Cincinnati Reds Meet-and-Greet, are for a good cause. But teams are increasingly dependent on special events to make money.

Fans can one day work as a ground keeper with the Detroit Tigers ($ 1,250) or sit back on a cruise to the Bahamas with the Philadelphia Phillies (up to $ 1,599).

Football promotions are cruising with the Philadelphia Eagles (up to $ 6,000) and the San Diego Chargers. The Kings hockey team into a four-day cruise to Mexico, and the Chicago Cubs are selling spaces on a trip to the Dominican Republic with players.

Last week, for $ 99, the Angels offered children a baseball-day Day Camp that Featured pitching lessons and autographs. Like most Angels events, proceeds went to charity.

"People who love the special access," said Dennis Mannion, the Dodgers' president and chief executive officer.

In addition to the yoga session with Ethier, the team recently completed a voyage with pitchers Brent Leach and James McDonald. It has approximately $ 11,000.

Mannion said events like this could be in more money than tickets, concessions or parking. The three nights, the team offered Batting practice - in which fans could swing on their lights at the stadium - which is around $ 170,000.

The yoga players get for their performances, unless the event is for philanthropic purposes, a Dodgers spokesman said.

Next year, Mannion company plans to seek sponsorships for the events, he said that he hopes that drive revenue even further.

"It is about identifying and connecting with the fan demographic," he said. The team will continue its regular activities, such as fireworks on Friday nights. There is a second bobblehead night in celebration of the colorful Left Fielder Manny Ramírez, despite recent revelations that he had a positive effect on performance-enhancing substances in 2003.

David Carter, professor of sports business at USC Marshall School of Business, said the activities are successful because they are the people to do more than just a game.

"People do not want their money on a baseball game at the moment," said Carter. "They want their money on a baseball experience."

There is a growing trend throughout professional sports, as teams, as the fans - and the DVD - in the park, said Jon Greenberg, executive editor of Team Marketing Report, a sports marketing research.

"It is a good opportunity to get your fans," said Greenberg. "Fans feel a closer connection with the team when they interact with other players."

Get in touch with yoga Ethier. People from all over Los Angeles came to their fascination for the Dodgers with a personal activity it.

"It was such a unique offer," said Melanie Dupre, 35, yoga sweating, when they came from the field of baking. "I wanted to check it out." - yoga mystics


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