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Yoga Mystic - Lawyer accuses Dahn yoga group of being a cult

Yoga Mystic - The legal saga of an organization that teaches a Korean style of yoga continues. CBS5 Sue Kwon reports that Ryan Kent Marin lawyer is accusing the Dahn yoga to be a cult and a lawsuit on behalf of 24 former members of yoga for fraud, undue influence, failure to pay wages and other claims. Meredith Potter is an actor from San Francisco. She said that as a student in a downtown Boston would have to maintain for 90 minutes and bow a hundred times. CBS5 said

"His arms begin to shake your legs start to shake, you feel like you are going to die."

Apparently things got worse when he decided to become an employee. Potter said that he worked long hours and was pressured to help pull in $ 25,000 a month. Meanwhile, Jade said Harrelson Ilchi Lee Dahn yoga Founder sexually assaulted her. And in 2006, Julia Siverls died of dehydration in Arizona, while training to become a Dahn master. His family filed a $ 84 million wrongful death claim, accusing the group of brainwashing and cord Julia food with drugs.

Dahn yoga was founded in 1985 by Lee, whose goal is to illuminate 100 million "land people" next year. Lee yoga focuses on the education of the brain, or as an officer, "either through your brain." Part of this training includes the head, shaking the performance of vibration of brain waves (video). Participants take a basic yoga classes and are invited to attend expensive workshops, retreats and healing sessions. The group also sells $ 4,000 followers turtles healing, healing necklaces $ 800 and $ 90 vibrating power brains, according to a television station in Boston.

There are six of Dahn yoga centers in the Bay Area and nearly 1,000 centers around the world with over 2,000 employees. In 2007, Mayor Gavin Newsom declared September 7 as Ilchi Lee Day in San Francisco. - Yoga Mystic


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